Frequently Asked Questions

Q:How come the laptop I bought doesn’t have Microsoft Office?
A:Microsoft Office is a separate software bundle that a laptop consumer has to purchase for him/herself. It is classes as “optional” and not “required” software, and due to Microsoft licensing issues, laptop manufacturers would rather the customers decide for themselves whether they would like to pay for this extra cost. Most laptops nowadays will come with a trial version of Microsoft Office though, to let the customers try it out and see whether it is worth it for them to purchase a license to use the full version of Microsoft Office.

Q:What does my warranty cover?
A:The warranty that comes with anything you purchased covers hardware quality issues. Physical damage done to your computer (you dropped your laptop) is not classified as a hardware quality issue, and neither are software problems (I installed this program, and now my computer won’t run properly). Catching a virus or forgetting your password are software problems as well and are hence not covered under the warranty. On the same token, if you bought a program, only the quality of the CD it comes in is covered by warranty, and not the software itself. If you are unsure if the problem you are facing is a software or hardware problem, give us a call or come to see us. In addition, we try and provide the best service to our customers, and we will always try our best to offer the most cost-effective solutions to your problems.

Q:What’s the difference between a brand new laptop and a new but refurbished one?
A:Directly from the HP website: “Refurbished computers are not used computers that have been in use over a long period of time. Most are cancelled orders and customer return units, others are overstocks, evaluation units, cosmetically blemished products and older discontinued products. Refurbished products are tested and if necessary, non-working components are replaced with working parts to bring the product up to fully functional condition.” So in actual fact, refurbished products are not classified as second hand products, and they come straight from the manufacturer (in this example, HP). They are generally better value units than brand new laptops, and are, in several cases, more reliable due to a more vigorous refurbish testing procedure.

Q:My cat chewed off the cable for my power charger. Does this charger fit my laptop?
A:We have a wide range of power chargers/adaptors available in store for various brands. Just check the power requirements (written on the charger and underneath your laptop in V and A), and the plug that goes into your laptop. If you are still unsure after that, give us a call or give us a visit at our store with either your charger or your laptop and we will find the most suitable one for you.

Q:My laptop’s got some problems with it. How long do services take in general?
A:Depending on the problem the difference in time taken varies a bit. Simple software problems can be fixed in a day or two while hardware issues will take anything between 5-15 working days depending on the complexity of the problem and the availability of spare parts.

Q:Do you have friendly salespeople and knowledgeable staff?
A:Oh yes we do! :-)

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